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The 6 Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Certifications

Meditation is an ancient practice dating back to 1500 B.C. It has many purposes across various cultures but is known for its calming and reflective experience. Meditation has become mainstream now that scientists have discovered proven benefits for both the body and mind when people practice higher consciousness. Meditation is a simple way to disconnect from the ever-involved world.

Becoming a certified meditation teacher will provide the training and understanding to guide others on their meditation journey. Finding the proper meditation certification will allow you to align your values with the ideal meditation style and ensure your education is personally meaningful and experiential.

The 6 Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Certifications are:

  1. School of Positive Transformation
  2. The Veda Center
  3. Sura Flow
  4. The Whole Health Project
  5. Sounds True
  6. Chopra Center

Teaching others the practice of meditation is such a valuable career. It takes years of practice to understand how to calm your mind and allow meditation to help you evolve into a better, more focused person. Read on to discover the five best courses to take to ensure you are getting the most out of your education as you work to lead others on their meditation journey.

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How Do I Become a Certified Meditation Teacher?

Choosing the proper certification is essential and will guide your teaching experience as you obtain clients and help others. But to become a certified meditation teacher, you must prepare for what will come. Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for years, all teachers must stay relevant on the most critical topics in the field.

The first step in guiding others in meditation is to do your research. Maybe you have already practiced the art of meditation for a long time.

(If you still need to know “where meditation comes from,” check out that article!)

Once you have researched, you must also hone in on your practice. If you will teach others, you must be well-versed in meditation. Having a solid practice will allow you to guide others better. You may even want to attend a meditation retreat to understand others’ meditation perspectives and gain new insight into your practice.

As you look to become a certified meditation teacher, you also want to align your goals for this career path and be sure that your intentions are wholesome. Not everyone who teaches meditation becomes a famous guru, so you must accept that you are doing this for the betterment of others.

To become a meditation teacher, you have to prepare yourself and do the internal work so that you are ready to lead others. From there, you can begin your certification to teach classes and groups in meditation. So sit back and think about your intentions.

  • Maybe it is to help people become healthier, either mentally or physically
  • Or perhaps you feel meditation is a calling for you, and now you want to guide others
  • Having a direct perspective around your desire to get your certification will allow you to teach effectively in the future

Now that you have your goals, it is time to start preparing for your certification. If you can work one-on-one with friends and family to understand what it is like to guide others in meditation, ask them if they will participate. Also, consider watching YouTube videos and taking inspiration from other meditation teachers. This will show you and help you format your teaching style.

What Does a Meditation Teacher Do?

Meditation teachers guide others who seek to become mentally focused through meditation. The teaching method combines concentration and breathing techniques with a purposeful understanding of meditation’s benefits for the human brain. Teaching others to meditate allows them to take away the pressures of doing it correctly, and they can rely on their guide for support and positivity.

Teaching meditation is not a stressful job and should not be a stressful experience for students. Teachers usually recommend that their students wear casual attire to feel at ease and not uncomfortable in formal attire. Meditation teachers also speak with a relaxing voice, helping others feel at ease.

When starting a class, you can open up by telling students about the philosophies of meditation, your meditation practice and the normalities that occur during the class setting. If you practice chanting or a particular pose, then it is recommended to inform your students so they can prepare their minds.

Online Meditation Teacher Training - What Does a Meditation Teacher Do

Meditation teachers work to help others understand how to close off their minds and get to a state of higher consciousness. This can occur in many ways, so choosing the proper certification for you is essential. Different styles of meditation are taught with various certifications, and you will need to identify the right style for you before you can teach others.

Most of all, meditation teachers create a supportive and peaceful atmosphere in their classrooms. This can be achieved by dimming the lights, playing soft music, and ensuring that most distractions are eliminated. The safer that students feel, the more successful they will be at opening up their hearts and minds to the practice of meditation.

The 5 Best Online Meditation Teacher Training Certifications

It is time to choose the meditation course that is appropriate for you. There are so many options out there that you will want to be sure of the course before investing your money to become certified. Not all certifications are the same and a lot of confusion can come from a misunderstanding of what the course offers and how it aligns with the student’s goals in meditation teaching.

Each of the following certifications offers a different specialization and type of training for the meditation industry. It is not as easy to compare the course as it is to define the one that aligns most closely with what you are looking to achieve. Each school offers various opportunities, so it is valuable to clarify what each training will make available to you.

The one amazing feature that all these online meditation teacher certifications share is that they are taught online and remotely. Additionally, you can take the time to learn the material at your own pace.

1. School of Positive Transformation

This course is an excellent choice for teachers who are newer to meditation and have been practicing in related fields like health, yoga, or life coaching. It is ideal for practitioners who want to bring mindfulness meditation into their existing business.

Dr. Itai Ivtzan teaches this certification. It is accredited by the CDP (Certified Professional Development) and IMMA (International Meditation and Mindfulness Alliance, giving it a high level of credibility in the meditation world. This course is also highly flexible as it is a certification where you work independently.

Here are the details of the School of Positive Transformation certification:

  • Timeline is based on student schedule and commitment
  • $490 or two payments of $250
  • Access to a library of videos, guided meditations, and exercises to complete
  • Access to a graduate’s only social media page
  • Communication with the instructor via email
  • An accredited program is known throughout the meditation community
  • A detailed look at meditation techniques and movements
  • A guide on how to create an enhanced mediation experience
  • A guide on up to eight different types of meditation
  • Guidance on teaching 10-minute and 20-minute meditations

This course is a highly flexible, so it is excellent for practitioners with a lot going on. It is also priced very reasonably. The only downside to the Positive Transformation certification is the lack of engagement with a teacher, so if you are looking for direct guidance, this may not be your option. Check out everything you need to know to decide in this School of Positive Transformation review.

This course is highly recommended for its thorough teaching of various techniques. If you want to make a limited investment but know you need guidance, this is the perfect certification for you.

2. The Veda Center

The Veda Center meditation teacher training is taught by Charlie Knoles, who has been practicing meditation his whole life; he has been featured as a key speaker for many businesses on meditation. This course is ideal for meditators who want to enhance their skills and learn to guide others on the beauty of expanding their mind through meditation.

The Veda Center teaches four categories of meditation: present moment awareness, calm focus, energized body and mind, and transcendence self-discovery. The goal of teaching a variety of meditations is to allow students to leave the course and be able to guide their students to a practice that fits their goals.

This certification identifies with a practice called Mind Type, which allows teachers to understand how to pivot their approach on a case-by-case basis to recommend the ideal meditation practice for a person.

Here are the details of the Veda Center certification:

  • 200 hours structured to go at your own pace
  • Costs $1000
  • Access to the course for a maximum of 6 months
  • 100 days of video training
  • Four live-streamed Q&As with Charlie Knoles
  • 12 meditation technique training
  • Community access
  • Guidance on building a career in teaching meditation workshops
  • Information on how to prepare and consult through a yoga studio
  • Enrollment in an online community with other PN nutritionists

The goal would be to finish this course in 100 days if you dedicate 2 hours daily to studying the material. This course is ideal for teachers who already work in yoga and want a broad understanding of meditation practices. This course is designed to feel as in-person as possible, which is valuable for those who cannot get to a class but want that personalized feel. If you are hesitant about this course, check out the Veda Center review to help calm your nerves.

3. Sura Flow

The Sura Flow Certification is the shortest course on this list but also provides valuable one-on-one time with instructors that help intensify the course experience. The course is 12 weeks long and requires 8-10 hours of engagement every week.

Many of the courses are taught live, which allows for question-and-answer time and a more direct relationship with the teachers. Students are also offered three one-on-one guided sessions with their course mentor. The Sura Flow course focuses on the value of relationships and discussing meditation rather than just learning from a coursebook or video. Plus, you can check out the Sura Flow review to prepare yourself.

The Liberate course teaches four mediation techniques: concentration, awareness, visualization, and intention-based practice. They also offer guidance on how to coach yourself as well as others on the practice of meditation. You will also learn approaches to energy healing and energy management.

Here are the details of the Sura Flow Liberate certification:

  • 12 weeks, 300 hours
  • Must request cost on the website
  • 8-10 hours a week of engagement
  • Three-year access to all courses
  • Learn meditative coaching
  • Learn four meditation techniques
  • A detailed look at energy healing
  • Follow-up observation sessions
  • Practice with real-life clients

The Liberate program focuses on the real-world experience of meditation teaching and provides students with hands-on experience. This option is excellent for beginners in the mediation teaching space who need to grasp how to coach others within their training.

4. The Whole Health Project

The Whole Health Project offers an online self-study meditation training course designed for people to work through at their own pace. Depending on your preferences, you can complete the course in as little as three weeks or take up to six months. The training covers various aspects of meditation, including how it affects the brain and nervous system, teaching techniques for beginners, meditation practices from the yoga tradition and non-duality teachings, and how to use meditation for manifestation and visualization. 

The course also guides teaching ethics and techniques. It offers a bonus business module that includes ready-made workshop and presentation PDFs, marketing and business strategies, coaching tips, and guidance on finding clients and building a community. The course content combines pre-recorded lectures, guided meditation practices, self-reflection, and practical teaching practice. 

Students can access personalized support from the course instructors, Rachel and Lucy, through monthly live group Q&As and a private 25-hour meditation training Facebook group.

5. Sounds True

The Sound True Certification is not for the faint of heart, which meditation is not. This course is a two-year program taught by John Kornfield, Ph.D. and Tara Brach, Ph.D. Both of these teachers have experience in the Buddhist tradition’s meditation practice. This course opens enrollment annually and only offers a few courses per year, so you have to plan for when you want to embark on this journey.

This certification is the most in-depth and offers a variety of classroom experiences with many instructors. The classes can be attended in person or through post-recordings. The course also requires students to complete their seven-week Power of Awareness training before joining.

Because this course is two years long, you will be fully transformed by the power of meditation. By the end, you will have a complete look at every type of meditation and how to teach others effectively. Some topics include yoga and movement, energy healing, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation business, health and healing, and more. There are even specific courses on working with animals and children.

Here are the details of the Sounds True certification:

  • Two-year training, self-designed
  • Costs $6,700 with a $300 refundable deposit
  • Two live in-person events with Jack and Tara
  • Individual and group mentoring sessions
  • Peer practice groups
  • Video and audio learning
  • Broadcasts with Tara, Jack, and guest faculty

This course can seem overwhelming, but it is the most extensive and will provide students with a lifetime of knowledge and experience. If the pricing seems daunting, Sounds True offers a small number of scholarships that will cover a part of the cost. You will leave the Sounds True course with a life-altering experience based on the value of interacting with excellent instructors and deepening your practice.

(Check out the full Sounds True meditation teacher training review here.) 

6. Chopra Center

The Chopra Center puts certifying the teacher as the highest priority in their curriculum. This option is designed to teach the teacher and offers pure guidance to seasoned meditation practitioners. To learn more about this course, check out the Chopra Center review. To enroll in this course, students will either have to have already graduated or be enrolled in the Primordial Sound Enrichment program along with the instructor certification.

The Chopra Center’s certification is unique as it focuses on Primordial Sound Meditation, a practice derived from the Vedic Tradition. This course provides students with various teachers, including meditation gurus Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel. Students will learn to put together lesson plans and facilitate classes of all experience levels and sizes.

Here are the details of the Chopra Center’s certification:

  • Ten week course
  • Costs $2,295-$2,495 depending on the package
  • Guidance on creating lesson plans and leading classes
  • A detailed understanding of Primordial Sound Meditation
  • A detailed look at how to teach about higher states of consciousness
  • Strategies on how to build your business

The Chopra Center certification is perfect for those meditation veterans who want an ancient strategy of practice given by the Veda culture. It is also a niche space, as it offers teaching in a specific type of meditation. If you feel your teaching and class plan strategy needs to improve, this option might be for you.

Get Certified as a Meditation Teacher Today!

It is a rewarding and stimulating career path to teach others in the practice of meditation. Getting certified is the first step in continuing to grow as a person and be able to help others. All five courses are a valuable option that will guide you effectively as you work to teach others.

Once you have your certification, you will be able to spend time acquiring clients through the knowledge you have attained and grow your business to become a successful meditation teacher. You will also leave your course with an array of mentors and successful teachers who can guide you.